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School President's Welcome


I would like to welcome you to Learning Ways International School.  We started during the Covid 19 lockdowns when students were left stranded in their education.  We provided innovative online deliveries of our curricula from the beginning of the lockdowns so that students could continue to learn despite the challenges.  These deliveries became industry standards in the country throughout the lockdowns and still inform our in-school curricula.  Today, our students receive the highest level of primary education possible with a hybrid curriculum taking the best from international education systems and tailoring them to the needs of our young students.  Please allow me to introduce our first-rate teaching team:

Mom's Signature cropped.png

Rei Padilla 

Founder and President

Meet The LWIS Family

Petros Kong

School Co-President

Teacher Lhet

Head of Foundations Stages

Teacher Saophea

English Teacher

Teacher Michelle

Asistant Director of Operations

Teacher Christine

Head of Advanced Classes

Srey Nov-Recovered_edited_edited.png
Teacher Nov

English Teacher

Teacher Sam

Head of Key Stages

Teacher Roth

English Teacher

Teacher Lanz

English Teacher

Teacher Emme

English Teacher

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