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Our Academics - Active Learning

Our curricula are hybrid curricula from the best available in the world.  Maths and STEM from Singapore.  World Studies from the UK and the US.  English Literacy from the US.  Each are blended in a way that students engage with the subjects in an cohesive and comprehensive manner that leads to subject fluency and not simply rote learning.

English Literacy

Reading, writing, listening, & speaking.  We instruct and train students to access and express their imaginations in the written word with a focus on the fundamentals of pronunciation, spelling, grammar, and composition.


Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics.  These subjects are taughts in a integrated manner using the best curricula from Singapore.

Physical Education

Healthy minds require healthy bodies as vehicles for meaningful action.  Calisthenics, sports, swimming, and active recreation are a central part of our students' activities at school.

World Studies

Geography, history, & social studies are taught in an integrated curriculum from the UK.

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